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Experience the brilliance of NEW ceramic paint protection

SMART Protection is the latest and ultimate advancement in vehicle paint protection.

Enhanced ceramic technology, developed by NASA, gives vehicles a hardened glass finish far superior to ordinary polymer-based coatings currently on the market. It offers a massive improvement in maintaining a car’s immaculate showroom appearance and even revitalises the appearance of pre-owned vehicles.

SMART Protection is an easy to sell add-on with a five year, transferable guarantee. The quality, newness and unique ceramic properties add to its customer appeal and allow dealers to offer the very best in paint protection.

Did you know?

The innovative product has self-cleaning properties and also repels liquids, enabling dirt and grime to be easily removed. No more waxing or polishing is necessary – all it needs is a simple wash.

The most durable paint protection product on the market.

The unique ceramic hardened glass coating of SMART Protection bonds to the car’s paint surface, protecting it from harmful elements such as acid rain, bird droppings, road salt or solvents.

It also keeps the car’s paintwork free from oxidization, providing a long term, beautiful and scratch resilient surface.

The versatility of the product means that it can also be used on all other exterior surfaces of the car, such as mirrors, grills, trim, lights and even alloy wheels (to protect against high temperatures and the build up of brake dust.)

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Product Range

For Customers

SMART Protection comes with a choice of aftercare products – including glass clean, shampoo, fabric cleaner and bird dropping remover – in presentation pack form to give to the customer as part of the service.

For Dealers

SMART Protection comes with a choice of aftercare products – including glass clean, shampoo, fabric cleaner and bird dropping remover – in presentation pack form to give to the customer as part of the service.

Easy Application

Application is simple and can be handled by any trained individual at the dealership. It takes about an hour, depending on the size of the car, and no special facilities are required. All application materials and equipment are provided with the dealer pack, which includes a short application demonstration video.


Wash and dry the car.


Pre-clean all surfaces to be treated. Hand clean using pre-cleaner fluid and cloth provided.


Apply using the hand applicator. Allow 5 - 7 minutes to dry.


Buff to a wonderful, high gloss finish.

Ceramic - Redefining Paint Protection

SMART Protection, with its dramatic ceramic qualities, redefines standards in paint protection.

Unlike polymer based paint protection products, which do not readily bond to the paint surface and require intensive maintenance programmes, SMART Protection‘s ceramic hardened glass finish bonds extremely well to a car’s paint surface, allowing for superior cohesion and adhesion.

The cohesive and adhesive nature of the SMART Protection treatment coating makes this a product with superior durability and solvent resistance performance, proven by extensive independent laboratory controlled testing.

Easy to Understand, Easy to Sell

The highly beneficial ceramic properties of SMART Protection are easy to explain to customers:

  • Real value for money – costs are highly competitive, and can be adjusted depending on the make-up of the customer presentation pack
  • Keeps car in immaculate condition without costly and time consuming waxing and polishing
  • Immediate, very visible, high-gloss shine
  • Long-term durability
  • 5-year transferable guarantee

Ben Lillywhite

Sales Director - Insure That

Any dealer who’s not thinking about utilising the Smart Insurance product, is missing an opportunity. They should embrace it! It’s a product to be proud of. It gives dealers an income stream which they haven’t been accustomed to before. It’s a huge profit opportunity. All in all, it’s a customer centric journey, from the start to the finish the customer is looked after throughout. With the FCA remedies that came into force in 2015 , I do believe that Smart Insurance have looked at their product and enhanced it to a level which is sustainable within the market place long-term.